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Thank You from the Host

On behalf of the Collaborative Firm, Thank you! Your support and participation were more critical this year than ever before. We are pleased to share with you the final evaluation of the 19th Annual South Metro Development Outlook Conference “Moving Beyond…”


Despite entering unchartered virtual territory, The Collaborative Firm decided early to go forward with the SMDO Conference despite the challenges associated with COVID-19. We thank you for charting this course with us and investing in this unprecedented event. The trust you placed in The Collaborative Firm and this year’s conference speaks volumes and has not been taken for granted.


The primary objective for SMDO has always been to strengthen and bring awareness to the South Metro Region. This year was no exception. Our outstanding panel of speakers represented all levels of government and industry.  SMDO 2021 Moving Beyond… explored economic development, small business resiliency, transportation and highlighted the economic forecast of the South Metro Region.


Based on real-time data we exceeded expectations, including over 600 attendees and a 97% approval rating. Our reach expanded because of the virtual platform, allowing greater access for the networking community. With a collective number of almost 1,500 virtual booth visits, our sponsors’ brand exposure was increased. Our attendees enjoyed the live Q&A with panelist. However, the interaction and engagement with the scavenger hunt was the most popular – hands down!


In response to the overwhelming interest in SMDO 2021, we are pleased to announce that the full virtual conference is available for complimentary on-demand viewing until April 18, 2021.  Watch and share the conference on-demand here. Detailed instructions on how to access the on-demand conference are below. Also, view and share the SMDO 2021 conference photos here.


Again, on behalf of The Collaborative Firm, Thank You! With your participation and support, the South Metro Development Outlook Conference 2021 Moving Beyond… was a remarkable success. We are looking forward to seeing you again in 2022, as we celebrate 20 years of building, branding and expanding the South Metro Region.




Michael Hightower

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